Vestara Khai


Little is known about the woman Vestara Khai. Met by the heroes in one of the ancient stations located deep within the Maw, she remains a mystery. A powerful Force user, she denies ties to both the Sith and the Jedi, though claims to have been a member of both. It is known that she traveled with Luke Skywalker, and later was married to his son, Ben Skywalker. She is in possession of an ancient piece of Sith technology, a Sith meditation sphere that she calls Ship. Ship is intelligent, self aware, cunning, and all together evil. Ship has already offered aid and dark secrets to the heroes, and it’s purpose may be different than that of Vestara’s.

During the wars and many crises over the years, Vestara has remained hidden, preferring not to get involved in “the petty squabbles of idiots who cannot see the bigger picture.” While in the Maw, she has maintained a close watch over a realm of the Force, a place named Beyond Shadows. While in this realm, Force user enters into a deep meditation and separates their mind and body. The body remains, while the mind goes Beyond Shadows. In this realm, Force powers are amplified and time functions differently. One second Beyond Shadows might take three days of real time, but the opposite is also true. All manner of power, both light and dark, are hidden away Beyond Shadows. It are these sources of power that Vestara guards, for she has witnessed what happens when one of them is unleashed into real space.


Vestara Khai

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