Legion is the first ally the young heroes made. All they knew about her is her ship delivered supplies to their home on Tatooine. She clearly had a working relationship with Ben, and knows far more about the events of the galaxy than she is willing to admit. Despite looking like a stunningly attractive human woman, Legion is actually an extremely sophisticated human replica droid. Working as a smuggler, privateer, and bounty hunter, she runs her operation out of a heavily modified YZ-2500, called the Stinger IV. In addition to her HRD body, Legion has outfitted the Stinger IV with an advanced neuro-processing grid. The effect is that her consciousness is spread throughout the ship and it’s entire droid crew.

Her “crew” is comprised of droids from every age and of every type, most of them modified to fit her needs. She can assume direct control over any of them at anytime, and when not controlling them she is still aware of their surroundings. In addition, she is linked into the ship, and can perform calculations withe the much larger computers than she would have access to in her body. This makes her incredibly efficient and effective at whatever she chooses to do.

Through conversations with her, she has implied that she is over 150 years old. She has spoken about the war between the Rebel Alliance and Emperor Palpatine with first hand knowledge, and mentions Luke Skywalker as if were an old friend. She is a powerful ally, and an even more dangerous enemy.


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