Darth Nihl


Before joining the One Sith and rising to become one of Darth Krayt’s personal Hands, the Nagai now known as Darth Nihl was a pirate warlord and scourge of the Unknown Regions. After becoming one of the most successful pirate leaders in the Fringe, he attracted the attention of Darth Krayt and was recruited into the Sith. His gang was brought into the Galactic Empire fleet, and now specializes in lightning raids and boarding actions.

Lord Nihl crossed paths with the heroes on Ossus, where he had chased down and grounded the personal shuttle of the Princess Marisiah Fel. The heroes gave aid to the Princess and were able to injure Nihl, removing one of his hands and forcing him to flee. Nihl is legendary for his rage, and he will surely track down those involved in the loss of his arm to seek revenge.


Darth Nihl

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